How to Stay Stylish in the Freezing Cold

Two and a half years ago I moved from the UK to the Artic, haha just kidding, I moved to Montréal but sometimes temperature-wise it feels like the same thing. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of living in the UK, one definite advantage was its winter temperatures. When I lived in the UK because the winters were so mild, I had the most amazing … Continue reading How to Stay Stylish in the Freezing Cold

My Current Go-To Makeup Look

The last beauty-related post I did got a really good reception so I thought I’d do another one today. This is my current go-to makeup look, which I have been wearing constantly over the past couple of months. It’s a subtle warm smoky eye and a nude lip. I have linked all the products below. I didn’t want this post to be too long so … Continue reading My Current Go-To Makeup Look

The Best (British) Fashion/Beauty Youtubers

Although I love reading blogs, I am a huge fashion/beauty YouTube addict. I read a lot for University which means often when I’m trying to relax the last thing I want to do is read more. I have been watching Youtube for five or six years now and have built up a little collection of YouTubers that I follow religiously. I thought I would pick … Continue reading The Best (British) Fashion/Beauty Youtubers

Follow me on Bloglovin’ I know that I’m very late to the party with this but I finally got myself a bloglovin’ account. I’d heard of it before but I didn’t really know what it was, however, I’ve now done my research, and I’m excited to start using it. In case you’re also new to the concept I thought I’d write a little post to let you know … Continue reading Follow me on Bloglovin’

Alexander Wang ‘Rockie’ Review (Soft Black with Pale Gold) This is another post I’ve been meaning to write FOREVER and I’m very excited to be finally getting to it. As you can tell from the title this is going to be a review of my Alexander Wang ‘Rockie’ bag. I got this bag for my 20th birthday (October 2015) so I’ve had it for almost a year and a half now. I wanted … Continue reading Alexander Wang ‘Rockie’ Review (Soft Black with Pale Gold)

My 2016 Favourites (Beauty and Fashion)

I’m sorry, I know it’s January 23rd and so this is a little late but I still really wanted to post it. It took me forever to decide what I could class as a year-long favourite and then to gather them and take pictures, but it’s here at last and I hope it’s worth the wait. I didn’t want this to be too long so I’m only going to cover the fashion and beauty items that I loved during 2016. Here goes:

Continue reading “My 2016 Favourites (Beauty and Fashion)”

My Current Skincare Routine (For Oily/Combination Skin)

  Today’s post was supposed to be a 2016 favourites, but that’s taking me forever to write so I thought in the meantime I would do a post about my current skincare routine because I’m LOVING it and at least then I’m sticking to my new year’s resolution and posting content. In order of how I apply the products to my face: Garnier Micellar Cleansing … Continue reading My Current Skincare Routine (For Oily/Combination Skin)