My Current Go-To Makeup Look

The last beauty-related post I did got a really good reception so I thought I’d do another one today. This is my current go-to makeup look, which I have been wearing constantly over the past couple of months. It’s a subtle warm smoky eye and a nude lip. I have linked all the products below. I didn’t want this post to be too long so … Continue reading My Current Go-To Makeup Look

My 2016 Favourites (Beauty and Fashion)

I’m sorry, I know it’s January 23rd and so this is a little late but I still really wanted to post it. It took me forever to decide what I could class as a year-long favourite and then to gather them and take pictures, but it’s here at last and I hope it’s worth the wait. I didn’t want this to be too long so I’m only going to cover the fashion and beauty items that I loved during 2016. Here goes:

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