2017 – My Year in Review

I can’t believe it’s been an entire year since I wrote my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions blog post. Time goes so fast, it’s terrifying. I wanted to write a blogpost about what 2017 has been for me because I feel like it’s important for my own sanity and maybe one day it will be nice to look back on.

Around October time I realized that 2017 was nearing an end and I felt a strong sense of relief. I remember my brain telling myself “Thank God that’s over, what a terrible year”.

2017 was rough on me, particularly mentally. From the very start I struggled with anxiety over what I would do once I graduated from University in the Spring. I was lost and confused and I didn’t know where I wanted to be, or where I would end up. Would I get a job? Would my visa get approved? My final semester of University was an extremely tough one, I was failing a class in April which would have left me unable to graduate on time, burdening my family with another semester of University fees. As a result I started to struggle to sleep at night.

By May I hadn’t seen my family since January, which was the longest time I’d ever spent away from them. I was extremely homesick. Then there was the Terrorist Attack in Manchester, my home city. This affected me in a way that I could never have imagined. I was a wreck for weeks, anxiety followed me in everything I did. The threats that our world face became much more real and far too close to home for my liking. I lay in bed every single night worrying about my family and my heart aching for those who had lost loved ones. The only place I wanted to be was Manchester with my family and the fact I couldn’t be made everything a million times worse.

In the Summer, I started to develop adult acne and noticed myself gaining weight. It seems stupid to concentrate on something so superficial but it affected me in a huge way.  I’ve had a very volatile relationship with my body for my entire life and this only made things worse. I started not wanting to leave the house if I wasn’t wearing make up and I felt self-conscious in everything I wore.

Come September, I began trying to make a career move. I applied for close to 100 jobs and was rejected time and time again. I began to worry that I would never break into my dream industry and also began to doubt whether I was really of any value as a professional.

However, my sense of relief was quickly replaced by a sense of frustration towards myself. Why did I have to be so hard on myself? So many people in my position would think 2017 was a great year. I achieved things in 2017 that some people could only dream of.

That class I was failing? I worked my ass off and passed. I graduated from McGill University with a Psychology degree, one year earlier than my peers and I was finally reunited with my parents in June for my graduation.

2017 My Year in Review
My Graduation

On May 1st, I moved in with my boyfriend and I bought a couch (and much more) with my own money. I officially became an adult. I’m so happy in the space that I live in and the person that I live with. It’s cosy and comfortable and I love it.

2017 - My Year in Review
Our Living Room

The day after my last exam, I landed an internship at a Digital Marketing agency entirely on my own. I had the best summer and learned so much during my time there. Upon finishing my internship they kept me on to produce social media content for their clients.

I spent the last part of August in Maine with my family. A well needed, peaceful break. In September I went back to Manchester. I walked the streets and my mental health benefitted from being close to my loved ones and seeing the strength of my city. When I returned to Montreal my visa was approved for 3 more years.

2017 in Review
My Family and I in Maine

In October, I turned 22, celebrated two years with my boyfriend and interviewed for a social media marketing job in my dream industry – the fashion industry. In November, I was offered the job and started my new position. A second job that I got without help from a single person. So far I have loved it, time flies and my job doesn’t even feel like work.

My Year in Review 2017
My 22nd Birthday

In December, I got my first real pay check from my first adult salary job. I was also allowed two weeks off work to fly home and spend Christmas with my family, my boyfriend and my dogs. I spent my favourite time of year surrounded by all of my favourite people. I received the most generous and beautiful gifts and I was able to treat the people I love with money that I had earned myself. I am overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I do.

Year Review 2017
Christmas 2017

I kept up with posting regularly on my blog for an entire year. I’m so proud of the content I’ve produced and the views I’ve received on my posts. Additionally, my blog was instrumental in helping me get both of my jobs and that has taught me the value of blogging and cemented my relationship with it.


Unfortunately, the acne remains. I have been prescribed medicine by my doctor and I’m hoping that in the next couple of months it should start to improve. I spent the last couple of months trying to get my eating under control and going to the gym. A huge achievement for me was eating breakfast every single day for two months. Although I have fallen off the wagon over the festive period, I am determined to get back to a healthy weight in 2018.

Best of all, mentally, I feel great. I can sleep at night and days can pass without an anxious thought.

2017 was an incredible year. It’s important to acknowledge the struggles but more so to celebrate your achievements. The lows of this year were low, but they taught me that everything works out in the end. I’m starting 2018 extremely proud of myself, happy, hopeful for what this year holds and eternally grateful for what I have, particularly the people.



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