Givenchy Prue Boots Dupes

I’m back with another dupe post. I absolutely love creating these posts and they are by far my most read posts. This time, I found the best dupes for the iconic “Givenchy Prue Boots’, also known as the ‘Givenchy Studded Elegant Boots’. I first saw these boots a couple of years ago and I haven’t been able to get them out of my head since. However, this fall I finally accepted that I’m not in a financial position to be able to spend £965 on a pair of boots, nor will I probably ever be, so it was time to find some Givenchy Prue boots dupes.

Givenchy Prue Boots

The Givenchy Prue boots are beautiful. They are flat, with four buckles and studs all over the buckles and around the edge of the shoe. The classic Givenchy Prue boots are black leather with silver studs, but they do also come in suede and in a variety of other colour ways. The Givenchy Prue boots retail for £965 ($1,105 USD or $1,355 CAD) on These boots are also available from most other luxury retailers, however, they do seem to be more expensive elsewhere. I’m sure we can all agree that £965 is pretty steep, so here are the best dupes for these Givenchy studded boots. The dupes that I found for the Givenchy Prue Boots range between £20 and $129 in price.

Givenchy Prue Boots*:

ASOS – £30

Asos is always a great place to go if you’re looking for a dupe and this time was no exception. For only £30 these Asos boots are a great dupe for the Givenchy Prue boots. There are a couple of differences from the Givenchy boots, including that these Asos boots only have three instead of four straps and also a zip on the inside. However, considering you’d save yourself £935, I’d say it’s worth the compromise.

Asos Prue Dupe

ASOS Boots*:

Missguided – £35

Whenever I start writing a dupes blog post, Missguided is always my first port of call. I trust Missguided as a retailer and their stuff is always decent quality, so I’m comfortable recommending their stuff to you. As usual, Missguided came through with a great Givenchy Prue Boots dupe retailing at just £35 (plus, they always have some kind of discount code). They’re not an identical match to the Prue boots, they are a little clunkier, with a zip on the inside and they don’t have the studded edge. However, for only £35 I think they’re a great Givenchy Studded Elegant Boots dupe and I did pick these up for myself.

Missguided Prue Boots Dupe

Missguided Boots*:

Suzy Shier – $39.95 CAD

Although this dupe is only available to my Canadian readers, I thought that I should still include it as these Suzy Shier boots are a great dupe for the Givenchy Prue boots and they’re currently on sale for only $39.95.  These may even be a better dupe than the Missguided boots because they are less clunky and the straps and shape of the boots are more similar to the Givenchy ones. Again, they’re not an exact match as they do have a zip on the inside and they are lacking the studs around the edge, but still a great dupe at a great price.

Suzy Shier Givenchy Prue Dupe

Suzy Shier Boots:

Boohoo – £32

From what I can see, these Boohoo Givenchy Prue dupes look identical to the Missguided boots that I mentioned above, although they retail for £3 less, at £32. In fact, perhaps they’re from the same manufacturer. If you wanted the Missguided boots but they’re sold out in your size, or if you want to save £3 pick up these Boohoo boots for a great Givenchy Prue Boots dupe.

Boohoo Prue Dupe

Boohoo Boots*:

Steve Madden – $110 CAD

Although Steve Madden is an international brand, I was strangely only able to find these boots on their Canadian site, so, I’m sorry for anyone outside of Canada. These Steve Madden boots are a pretty good dupe for the Givenchy Studded Elegant Boots. They are very similar to the boots from Missguided and Boohoo, with the zip on the inside. However, they are a little more similar to the Givenchy boots as they do also have the studs around the edge. Even though these boots are a pretty good Givenchy dupe, I’m wouldn’t recommend picking these up. For $110 I would at least expect them to be real leather which they are not and they’re not different enough to the Boohoo boots to justify the price difference.

Steve Madden Prue Dupe

Steve Madden Boots:

Milanoo – $71.87 (USD)

I think these Milanoo boots are the best dupe that I’ve found in my search so far. These boots are almost identical to the Givenchy Prue boots and they’re also real leather. When you compare these boots to the Steve Madden boots above they are a steal. If you can afford the little extra cash I would definitely recommend picking these up. I’ve never heard of the site Milanoo before but they have great reviews on their website and they deliver to most countries in the world!

Milanoo Prue Dupe

Milanoo Boots:

Choies – £89.41

Another site that I don’t really have any experience with is Choies. I’ve looked into the site and the reviews are fairly mixed, so please beware of the risk if you plan on ordering from them. These Choies boots are a pretty good dupe for the Givenchy Studded Elegant Boots. However, it’s worth pointing out that they are more on the expensive side and don’t look to be as good quality as the Milanoo boots.

Choies Prue Dupe


Choies Boots:

Jessica Buurman – $129 USD

Another really great Givenchy Prue boots dupe are these boots from Jessica Buurman. I don’t love Jessica Buurman as a brand, I think they definitely toe the line between dupes and fakes, but these boots are still a pretty good dupe for the Givenchy Prues. However, these boots are expensive and not real leather so again, I wouldn’t give these my recommendation.

Jessica Buurman Prue Dupe


Jessica Buurman Boots:

Miss Pap – £20

These Miss Pap boots are the cheapest Givenchy Prue Boots dupe that I could find and I think that for the price, they’re great. I personally have never bought anything from Miss Pap but I have heard from other people who have and they seem legitimate. This Miss Pap boots are almost an exact dupe for the Givenchy boots and they’re currently on sale for just £20! I wish I had found this dupe before I bought my boots from Missguided because I would definitely would have picked these boots up instead if I had.

Miss Pap Prue Dupe

Miss Pap Boots:

I hope that this Givenchy Prue boots dupes post helped you all out as much as my previous dupes posts have. As always I will be updating this post as and when I find other great dupes for the Givenchy Studded Elegant Boots. Please let me know if you decide to pick up any of these dupes or if there are any other dupes posts you’d like to see from me. Thanks for reading!

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