Bella Freud Jumper Dupes

Bella Freud Jumper Dupes

I’m back with another dupes post, because I love them and luckily, so do you guys. This was not a dupes post I’d planned to do, but I came across one jumper in particular and it was just such a good Bella Freud jumper dupe that I couldn’t not write this post. Bella Freud jumpers are so pricey, they retail between £290 and £390, which is a little insane. So, of course any dupes for these jumpers are very much welcomed. I had originally I had only planned to write about a Bella Freud jumper dupe for the 1970 jumper, but then I found another good one for the slogan jumpers and I thought I’d include that too. Without further ado, these are the best Bella Freud jumper dupes.

Bella Freud Jumper Dupes(All links can be found below)

Bella Freud 1970 Jumper Dupe

This first one is probably the best of the Bella Freud jumper dupes out there. This is the dupe that started this whole post. I’m sure everyone has seen the 1970 Bella Freud Jumper that all instagrammers/bloggers have. Lily Pebbles is one of my faves who has been seen sporting this. The red is probably the most popular colour and luckily I found an amazing dupe for it. The original Bella Freud jumper retails at £290 whilst this NewLook dupe is only £19.99! That’s almost £270 difference. Yes, the dupe doesn’t say 1970 on it but the vibe is almost identical and probably only Bella Freud herself would know that this isn’t one from her collection. You need this, trust me.

Bella Freud 1970 Jumper Dupe

Bella Freud Jumper: *
NewLook Dupe:


Bella Freud Slogan Jumper Dupe

This next jumper is also pretty amazing when it comes to Bella Freud jumper dupes. In fact, maybe this one is an even better dupe than the 1970 dupe. Beside from the fact that the sleeves on this dupe are a little more cropped than the Bella Freud jumpers, you probably wouldn’t be able to pick it out. Bella Freud does a bunch of different slogan jumpers (just a few are pictured below), and this Maybe Baby Slogan jumper from Joanie is an amazing Bella Freud jumper dupe. The Bella Freud slogan jumpers range from £280 to £380, whilst the dupe is only £35! Again, such an amazing price different for a jumper that is almost identical in style to the real Bella Freud jumpers.

Bella Freud Jumper Dupes

Bella Freud Dear Baby Jumper: *
Bella Freud Prince Jumper: *
Bella Freud 7 Heures Du Matin Jumper: *
Bella Freud Psychoanalysis Jumper:
Joanie Dupe:


I hope you loved this Bella Freud jumper dupes post. The two jumpers I found dupes for here are the most popular styles. Honestly, I was surprised by how few dupes there were considering how popular these jumpers are, but maybe that’s because I’m writing this post in July. As always, I will update this post if I find any other great Bella Freud jumper dupes. Please let me know if you pick either of these dupes up and what you think! I might pick up the 1970 dupe myself. Also, of course, let me know if there’s any designer items you’re loving right now that you want to see a dupes post for. Thanks for reading!

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