Realisation Par Dress Dupes

You guys loved my last Realisation Par dupes post so much. Seriously, my blog has never had so much traffic! It feels so good to write something that people are actually engaging with. If you missed it, it was my Realisation Par Bianca top dupes post. As it was so successful, I thought I’d do another one, but this time Realization Par Dress Dupes. I’m gonna be concentrating on two of their dresses for this post – The Alexandra and The Valentina – because they’re the ones I love the most. I have scoured every corner of the internet and found the best dupes out there. To be honest, I think I found some pretty good ones. So, if you wanna find some amazing Realization Par dress dupes, keep reading.

FYI: These are the Realization Par Dresses (Valentina on the left, Alexandra on the right).

Réalisation Par Dresses

The Realisation Par Dresses aren’t the most expensive dresses in the world, they retail between $180-250 USD (£140-£195).  The Valentina and Alexandra are $180 and $195 USD respectively. However, they’re not exactly cheap either. The main issue for me with Realisation Par is that it is an Australian company, so they’re kind of a pain to get hold of/send back.

Missguided (£25)

Missguided is an amazing place to find Realisation Par dress dupes, particularly if you’re looking for a dupe for the Alexandra. I picked up the red star ruffle tea dress for myself and I love it. The only thing I would say is that it is VERY low cut so beware if you’re not into that kind of thing.  However, for £25 you literally cannot go wrong with these Missguided dresses. The Missguided red polka frill dress is also a great dupe for the Realisation Par Kate Dress.

Misguided Ruffle Tea Dresses

White: *
Red: *
Black: *
Grey: *

Mango (£29.99)

These Mango frilled dresses an amazing realization par dress dupe if you want the Valentina.  The best dupe for the realization par Valentina dress is definitely the light blue spotted one, I love it so much. Plus these dresses are only £29.99.

Mango Ruffled Tea Dresses

Left: or

Topshop (£46 – £48)

Topshop has some really great Realisation Par dress dupes for both the Alexandra and the Valentina. At £46 and £48, they’re a little pricier than the others I mentioned but Topshop is pretty good quality and very accessible. Plus, the floral print is super cute.

Topshop Tea Dresses

Left: *
Right: *

Boohoo (£18)

Another great place to grab dupes for the Alexandra is Boohoo. Although the patterns aren’t my favourite, they’re only £18!!! If you’re looking for some Realisation Par dress dupes and you’re on a budget, Boohoo is definitely the place for you.

Boohoo Tea Dresses

Far Left: *
Second on the Left: *
Second on the Right: *
Far Right: *

Nobody’s Child (£30)

The red wrap dress from Nobody’s Child is one of the best Realisation Par dress dupes for the Alexandra and it’s only £30. They also have another Alexandra dupe and a dupe for the Valentina. I’d never heard of this brand before doing research for this post but I absolutely love their stuff, they have so many amazing summer dresses. It’s so in line with my summer style, I’m obsessed. You should definitely check them out.

Nobody's Child Wrap Dress

Left: *

New Look (£19.99 – £24.99)

I’m not going to lie, generally, I don’t love New Look. However, I do feel like recently they’ve had amazing trend pieces and these Realisation Par dress dupes are no exception. These two dresses are great dupes for the Valentina and only £24.99 and £19.99. Another great one if you’re looking for a bargain.

New Look Tea Dresses

Left: *
Right: *

Asos (£32 – £40)

I was surprised that Asos didn’t have a larger selection of Realisation Par dupes but I managed to find a couple that I thought were pretty good dupes for the Alexandra and their pretty affordable as well. Definitely, not my favourite that I’ve found, but still pretty good dupes.

Asos Tea Dresses

Left: *
Right: *

I hope you loved this Realisation Par dupes post as much as you did the last one and I really hope it helped you. As always, I will update this post if I find any other good dupes in the meantime. Let me know if you pick any of these Realisation Par dress dupes up or if you find any other great dupes you think I should add to this post. Thank you so much for reading!


Update 14/08:

The red spotted Realisation Par dress dupe from Nobody’s Child is actually now sold out, but luckily I found a very similar one from Nobody’s Child on Asos. In fact, it’s an even better dupe than the original one that I found.  It also comes in both navy and red.


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