My Everyday Jewellery

I never used to wear much jewellery, but now that my 18th and 21st birthdays have passed (and I’m so old), I feel like I’ve accumulated a really great collection of jewellery that I wear every day. I love all of the pieces in my collection right now and I thought you guys might be interested in taking a look inside my jewellery box.

When I’m choosing pieces of jewellery that I want for my birthday or Christmas, particularly if it’s a milestone birthday, I like to get high quality, timeless pieces, that will last, won’t date, that I can wear at any age but are also modern. I would say my taste in jewellery is quite minimal and delicate. I’m definitely more of a silver than a gold girl, although recently I have enjoyed mixing both. None of the pieces in my collection are cheap, I prefer to spend a little more so that they will last. Some pieces are definitely more expensive than others but on the whole, my jewellery collection is pretty affordable.


Of course, I wear costume/fashion jewellery too – I wear a lot of chokers – but the two necklaces I’m about to mention are the ones I wear constantly, with any outfit, or on any occasion. I love them both so much and they’re both very special to me, I can’t choose between them, and so I mostly layer them. I think because they’re both dainty and silver it remains quite sophisticated.img_3434

Tiffany&Co Arrow Necklace: I got my arrow necklace from my Grandma for my 18th birthday and I have worn it every day since. I love that it’s so dainty and delicate but it’s also contemporary. It’s from Tiffany but I love that it’s not a classic Tiffany piece, I’ve seen very few people wearing this necklace which is always a bonus for me. They don’t do this exact one anymore but they do one very similar.

Diamond Necklace: I got this Diamond necklace on my 21st birthday from my parents and so of course, it’s very special to me. The thing I love most about this is that I can wear it now at 21, but I know I’ll also be wearing it when I’m 60 too. I also think that layering it over my arrow necklace gives a modern twist to a classic piece.


This is probably my favourite part of my jewellery collection. I have so many amazing bracelets. I won’t always wear every single one of these every day. To be honest, it depends how much extra time I have in the morning but I always wear a variation of these and if I do have the time, together they look amazing.img_3435

From Left to Right:

Kate Spade Thin Hinge Bangle (Gold): My sister got me this bangle for Christmas and I absolutely adore it. It is gold which isn’t my usual preference but since I got a two tone watch, I’ve loved mixing different metal bracelets. If I’m in a rush in a morning I will only wear this bangle, my Monica Vinader bangle and my watch and they look amazing together. This bangle looks much more expensive than it is (it reminds me of the Cartier Love Bracelet) and it’s simple with a contemporary touch which is exactly what I like.

Ted Baker Enamel Button Bangle (Silver): A 21st gift from my sister’s boyfriend and his mum that I love. Again, it’s simple with a modern twist. I love to wear this with all of my other bracelets to add a little bit more silver and I also love that it’s a different shape to my other bangles.

Rotary Elise Watch (Two-Tone): This is the newest piece to my collection and also probably my favourite. For a long time I didn’t care about watches but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to respect them a lot more. To me, if someone is wearing a nice watch it adds an air of sophistication to their outfit and makes it look a lot more put together. I got this watch from my boyfriend for Christmas. What I love about it is that it looks so much more expensive than it was (it wasn’t necessarily cheap), it’s really sophisticated and something I know I can wear for many years to come. I think that by layering it with bracelets like I do, it maintains that classic sophistication but it also adds a youthful touch.

Monica Vinader Signature Thin Bangle (Silver): This bangle is another one of my favourite pieces, again from my boyfriend but this time for my 21st birthday. Not only does this item hold high sentimental value for me but it’s also so beautiful. It’s minimal, delicate and simple just as I like but the shape adds an extra touch that I just adore. This is another item that I can see myself wearing forever and he also got it engraved which makes me love it even more.

Monica Vinader Havana Friendship Bracelet (Black and Gold): This was a 21st gift from my sister (again, clearly my sister and boyfriend are killing the gift game). I feel like I can’t keep repeating that I love everything but I really do love this one. This one is very personal, she got it engraved in multiple places and it’s so thoughtful and such a sweet gift. I love that this bracelet is a little more casual than the others so it adds a bit of edge to my bracelet collection when I wear it. If there’s ever a day when I’m not wearing this it’s because it takes a little bit longer to get on but either way, I love it and I know I’ll keep it forever.


Right hand:

Pandora Delicate Bow Ring: I got this for my 21st Birthday from some family friends and I love how feminine it is. Even though I love it a lot of my jewellery is quite plain and verging on androgynous so I like that this ring adds a girly touch to my ring collection.

Pandora Heart Stacking Ring: I got this from my brother for my 18th birthday. I love how from a distance this looks like a plain band but close up it’s so intricate and detailed. The perfect simple/contemporary mix.

Pandora Star Stacking Ring: This was a 21st birthday present from my Granddad and it’s really similar to the heart ring but this one also reminds me of America which I like. I managed to get this ring in a size which fit both my index finger and my thumb so I really like being able to change how/where I wear it.

Mejuri Claw Ring: I absolutely love Mejuri as a jewellery brand, it is undoubtedly one of my favourites. The only downside is that they don’t do as much silver jewellery as they do gold. This is definitely one of my less classic pieces but I think it’s so different and quirky and I love it so much. I got this from my brother for my 21st birthday.


I have 9 ear piercings in total but 7 of my earrings never change. The only earrings I change are my main lobe piercings. Depending on my outfit and where I’m going I have two pairs of earrings on rotation.

Tiffany Signature Pearl Earrings: I absolutely love pearl earrings, I think they are so classic and timeless and I wear them a lot. I think they look so cool with multiple piercings because of the contrast between the casual and smart. I asked my Grandma for these for my 21st birthday because I know I’ll wear them from now until I’m old and I love the thought of being able to wear something my Grandma bought me forever. I wear these earrings if I need to look sophisticated but I also love to wear them with more grungy outfits too, for contrast.

Thomas Sabo Ear Studs “Snake”: These were another 21st birthday present. I like these because they’re quite edgy so I love to wear them with really smart outfits like a crisp white shirt. They’re very different to the pearls and it’s really nice to have the option of both depending on what mood I’m in. I also love to mix and match them.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my every day jewellery. I’d love to see some other bloggers write about their every day jewellery too!

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