All Saints Suede Jacket Review

I never thought I’d write this about an All Saints jacket, but this review is a negative one. Prior to this experience, I had nothing bad to say about All Saints jackets. I bought my boyfriend an All Saints leather jacket for his birthday and it is perfect. However, my own experience hasn’t been quite as good.

I picked up an All Saints Latham Suede Biker Jacket in December. I had wanted this jacket for so long, I kept stalking it on the All Saints website hoping it would go into the sale and luckily for me it finally did around Christmas time (2016). I got even luckier when on a trip to Chesire Oaks Outlet Village a few days before Christmas I found it for only £80 (RRP: £358 so over 75% off!) and in my size (looking back now, maybe there was a reason it was there). I was so happy to finally have this jacket. I got mine in the ‘Sky Blue’ which isn’t really blue in real life, it’s more of a blue toned grey as opposed to the brown toned grey of the other colour. It was the perfect colour and the perfect style (cropped biker style) and I was so happy.

When I got it from the all saints outlet store, in direct light it was a little discoloured on the sleeves. However, the discolouration was nothing major and because I got it for so much less than the original price I didn’t mind at all and thought I would just get it professionally cleaned. I did my research and found that it couldn’t be dry cleaned and was suede clean only, however, when I called to get a quote for cleaning, it would cost £80 and take up to 6 weeks. I knew that suede cleaning wouldn’t be cheap, but it was the same price as I paid for the jacket itself and I didn’t want to live without my new jacket for six weeks, so in the end, I decided that I could live with the discolouration for now.

Despite the discolouration, I was so excited to wear it for the first time. It still looked amazing with all black and monochrome outfits and the material, cut and design are of such high quality. However, I found upon its first wearing that EVERYTHING stains/marks this jacket. I knew with it being a light colour I needed to be careful but even exercising my utmost care couldn’t save it from marking. I’ve only worn this jacket a maximum of three times since I bought it and looking at it now as I write this, it’s covered in all different coloured marks that I have no recollection of, particularly on the sleeves and around the edges. Every time I wear it, it gets marked even more and it’s almost at the stage now of looking scruffy.

As you can imagine I’m so, so sad. I bought this jacket to be worn and I hoped it would be a statement item I could wear over an all black outfit when I went out. I didn’t want this to be a jacket that lived in my closet or had to be removed upon arrival at an event out of fear of marking it. I know that if this jacket wore well I would wear it constantly but because it doesn’t, it barely sees the light of day. I’m so disappointed, all I can be thankful for is that I only paid £80 for it and not £356. If I had paid full price for this jacket I would be devastated. I’m not going to sell it because to be honest, I don’t think anyone would buy it given its current condition. Instead, I’m going to do my research and see if there’s anything I can do to salvage it. I will probably pay the £80 to get it cleaned and also email All Saints to see what they recommend.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers wearing All Saints suede jackets but I haven’t seen many reviewing them. I felt like I should share my experience because maybe it would help you guys make a better choice than I did. Admittedly with mine, maybe it’s the colour I chose. If you’re considering getting one of these jackets in a pale grey, just don’t. I know they do darker greys, blacks and browns and maybe those colours don’t mark as easily, but definitely do your research beforehand. Alternatively, maybe just get a leather jacket instead. I know from my boyfriend’s experience they wear beautifully and are 100% worth the investment.

If any of you guys have an All Saints suede jacket too (maybe in another colour?), please let me know in the comments whether yours marked like mine. Also, any good tips for cleaning/looking after suede would be super helpful.

I hope this post helped!

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