The Best (British) Fashion/Beauty Youtubers

Although I love reading blogs, I am a huge fashion/beauty YouTube addict. I read a lot for University which means often when I’m trying to relax the last thing I want to do is read more. I have been watching Youtube for five or six years now and have built up a little collection of YouTubers that I follow religiously. I thought I would pick out my 10 favourites for a blog post just in case anyone is looking to get into watching YouTube or maybe wants to find some new people to watch. Some of these are huge YouTubers but maybe there’s some you haven’t heard of. I hadn’t initially meant for this to be only British YouTubers but as I made the list that’s what it ended up being. I’m gonna list them in order of who I’ve been watching the longest and let you know why I love them so much. I’ll also link a video of theirs that I like.img_2731

1. Zoella (Zoe Sugg)
Zoe is the YouTube queen. I know that everyone in the world (exaggeration) watches her videos but I have been watching her since almost the very beginning of her channel and I still love her. She is insanely successful and hardworking yet remains so down to earth and so humble and I think she’s such a great role model. I think sometimes the youtube/blogging world can be quite a materialistic one but she’s not a part of that at all. I also think the way in which she has opened up about her mental health struggles is pretty inspirational. She deserves all the success in the world.

Favourite videos: Hauls and Vlogs (MoreZoella)

I recommend:

2. Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise Pentland) 
I found Louise’s channel through Zoe’s around the same time and their friendship is one of my favourite things ever. What I love about Louise is that she is so real and so relatable. She has a normal body shape, she eats McDonald’s in her vlogs and she’s honest about her flaws and struggles. I really love that she never feels the need to present her life as something perfect, it’s so refreshing to me. Over the past few months, she’s really tried to make her channel a more mature place and I’m loving it. It makes her channel really different to a lot of others out there. Bonus – she also has the cutest little girl ever.

Favourite videos: Collabs and Chatty videos

I recommend:

3. The Persian Babe (Barbara Rossi)
I stumbled across Barbara’s channel years ago when I was looking online for instructions on how to ombré my hair. A lot of the YouTubers I watch are quite a few years older than me so I like that Barbara’s life is a little more comparable to my own.  I have huge respect for the fact that she has a whole other career alongside YouTube (she’s a pharmacist) and I absolutely adore her style. We also share an intense love of Zara.

Favourite videos: Hauls

I recommend:

4. Tanya Burr
Tanya is so cute and innocent but also definitely a boss behind the scenes (she has her own makeup line). I don’t watch a lot of makeup tutorials but I always watch hers and I love them. I feel like my taste is really similar to Tanya’s. We have similar styles, eating habits and we love the same tv shows. For that reason, I always watch her monthly favourites because I feel like if she loves something I’ll probably love it too. I also love how she combines a lot of high street items with high-end items in her outfits.

Favourite videos: Monthly favourites and Hauls

I recommend:

5. Velvetgh0st (Gabriella Lindley)
I love Gabby because she reminds me of me. When I began watching her channel there weren’t many Northern YouTubers on the scene and I found her Northern-ness comforting. Again, she is quite similar in age to myself which I like, although her success for her age is kinda depressing (she’s such a boss). I love her taste in interior design and how she’s not afraid to say what she thinks. She also has a great handbag collection.

Favourite videos: Vlogs (planetgabb) and Homeware Hauls

I recommend:

6. The Anna Edit (Anna Gardner)
Previously known as Vivianadoesmakeup, Anna is the kind of person who makes me feel bad about not having my life together (but she definitely doesn’t do it on purpose). She is so organised, wears stripes, eats healthy and goes to the gym like every day. She’s basically everything I wish I was. I feel like she puts so much effort into everything that she does, all of her videos are so well thought through and well made. I really love how her channel has evolved and now she covers so much more than beauty and makeup. Her fiancé mark is so cute and her friendship with Lily is GOALS.

Favourite videos: Hauls

I recommend:

7. Lily Pebbles
I love Lily because she’s different. She makes videos about quite random things (e.g. 2016 Christmas adverts) but they’re always really interesting and you don’t have 500 of them waiting in your subscription box. Her videos are always really high quality and she’s amazing at editing. Out of everyone I watch I feel like I know Lily the best, she’s so open and honest. I also feel like personality wise she is so like me – hates exercise, can’t wake up in a morning, etc. I cried at her wedding video and I watch her vlogs the minute she posts them. Also like I said, her friendship with Anna is goals.

Favourite videos: Chatty Videos and vlogs

I recommend:

(Wedding video:

8. Lydia Elise Millen
Lydia is probably my favourite YouTuber to watch right now. I have the biggest girl crush on her and I’m not ashamed to admit it. First of all, she is completely stunning and has the most classy and timeless style that I’m just obsessed with. We share the same neutral colour palette.  She has the most amazing collection of designer shoes, bags, accessories and clothes. The thing I love most about her is that she is so down to earth and honest about where she came from and how she makes and saves her money. Since watching her videos I have been so inspired to work hard and save to buy my own handbags for myself.

Favourite videos: Hauls and vlogs

I recommend:

(Also watch her amazing engagement video:

9. Amelia Liana
Even though I’ve known of Amelia’s channel for a  long time it’s only in the past few months that I’ve started watching her channel religiously. She is so gorgeous and has the best style. I love watching her hauls and I would kill to have access to her bags and shoes. I watch a lot of her vlogs and you see that she’s such a charitable person which makes me love her 100x more and also her dog is so cute (bonus points for anyone who has a dog).

Favourite videos: Hauls and Vlogs

I recommend:

10. Iam Chouquette (Claire Chanelle)
Claire’s life is the dream, her house and closet are insane. When I first found her channel I didn’t love her, probably because I was massively jealous of her ridiculous Chanel handbag collection. However, when I watched her truth about Hermes and her introduction videos I realised that I had her all wrong and I started to respect her so much. She doesn’t take herself or material things seriously at all. Since I’ve started watching Claire I have been making so much more of an effort with my style. She has the most impeccable style and can even make a track suit look fashionable?! I’ve also been trying to think more about what items I’m investing in (I love her theory). Like Lydia, she inspires me to work hard to have nice things and I also just love her and her husband Paris’ relationship so much.

Favourite videos: Vlogs

I recommend:

(Her ‘Burying a Chanel bag I no longer need’ video made me cry and you HAVE to watch it

I hope that if you didn’t already know about these girls you’ll check them out. Also, if you’re a youtube fan and you know of any YouTubers that didn’t make my list but you think I’d like please comment and let me know!

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