Alexander Wang ‘Rockie’ Review (Soft Black with Pale Gold)

This is another post I’ve been meaning to write FOREVER and I’m very excited to be finally getting to it. As you can tell from the title this is going to be a review of my Alexander Wang ‘Rockie’ bag. I got this bag for my 20th birthday (October 2015) so I’ve had it for almost a year and a half now.

I wanted this bag for SO long before I got it. Every time I went into a department store that sold it I would admire it. I never thought I would end up getting up but my Dad surprised me and bought it for me for my birthday. I’ve used this basically every single day since I got it and so I feel like I’m in a good position to give you a full and honest review.

Size – This bag comes in two other sizes (one bigger – Rocco and one smaller – Mini Rockie) but this one is the perfect size for me. It’s definitely more of a day-bag size than a night-bag (I rarely use this at night, if I do it’s only to go to dinner). This is one of those bags where you can fit everything you realistically need for a full day out. When it’s full mine normally holds my makeup bag, my phone, my purse, my keys, a pair of sunglasses, some headphones, and sometimes my iPad mini. I don’t feel like I could ever need any more than that and I also don’t think my arm/shoulder can handle it.

I’m glad that I didn’t opt for the larger size (the Rocco) because I think it’s just that little bit too big. I also much prefer the zip on the Rockie, I think it adds a nice extra touch to the design. Related to this is probably also the storage/layout of the bag. I really like it because it has a really big main compartment so you can fit  things like your makeup bag in there but it has one zip pocket and two other pockets on the inside and two zip pockets on the outside which are really useful for keeping things like your phone or keys if you don’t want them to get lost in the main section with everything else.

Colour and Material – I am so happy with the version of this bag that I chose. It comes in loads of different colours (nude, red, greys, black, and white) and metal combinations (rose gold, pale gold, black nickel, rhodium or antique brass), but it also comes in different leather textures too (pebbled or soft), so there are so many different options to choose from. I had originally wanted the pebbled (distressed) black leather with rhodium (silver) studs but because I’m extremely impatient and that one was much harder to get hold of,  I ended up getting mine in soft black leather with pale gold studs and now I’m so happy I did.


I feel like because this bag is already quite grungy on its own it needed the more refined soft leather and gold studs. I think that combination makes it looks a little smarter and means it can be worn on more occasions than the more distressed one I had wanted. I’m also someone who wears much more silver than gold and so I like that this bag brings more gold into my wardrobe and encourages me to mix metals. Another thing that I really love is the contrast of the gold metal on the soft black leather. I feel like on the pebbled black the studs don’t seem to stand out as much, particularly with the rhodium and black nickel and I think that’s such a shame when the studs are basically the main feature of the bag.

It’s also definitely worth mentioning that the leather is so soft and such high quality.

Wear – The thing that has impressed me most about this bag is how it has worn. It is SO loved and so well used and it still looks pretty much brand new.  There isn’t a single scratch or mark on it and it’s not showing signs of weakening or damage anywhere. The metal hasn’t tarnished or scratched at all and I think that as well as looking so cool the studs actually protect the bottom of the bag too. I feel like the quality and how well it wears is what really makes this bag worth the extra money (over a high street item). With the amount I carry in my bags and how much throw them around, a bag from the high street would never last me a year, nevermind look brand new at the end of it!

Style – I love the vibe of this bag so much. I’m mildly embarrassed to admit that I’m one of those people that like to think they’re a badass (even though I’m definitely not) and this bag definitely appeals to that side of me. Sometimes I  like to dress quite grungy/edgy/androgynous and the gold studs on the black leather complement those looks so well. But what’s amazing is that it is such a versatile piece. It also looks great with my more refined/smarter/feminine outfits too (I think in part due to the particular colour combination I got). I love that this bag can be a statement on its own (it looks incredible with an all black outfit) but it’s also not too dramatic to wear with an already busy look. I normally wear it with the shoulder strap over one shoulder but it’s also got really good handles or a long enough shoulder strap to wear it across body if I want to keep it closer to me.

Drawbacks? – I’m gonna add a couple of points here but only because I believe that no bag is perfect however neither of these issues are deal breakers for me. The first tiny problem with this bag is that it’s one of those bags that looks best when it’s stuffed full. If it’s on the empty side it can look a little limp so I sometimes end up putting more than I need in there or just throwing a scarf on top of everything to pad it out. The second issue is with the zip. Even though I love how it curves around and what that adds to the design it does make it quite difficult to open and close. It’s not particularly smooth and so sometimes if I’m trying to open/close my bag on the move I might have to stop for a couple of seconds and use both hands.

I could write about this bag for hours but I’ve managed to restrain myself and so I’m going to end this here. As you can see I love this bag so much and I have zero regrets about getting it. I’m actually really surprised that it’s not more loved in the blogging community. If anyone is considering getting this bag you definitely should, it’s so worth the money. Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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