The Best Stuart Weitzman ‘Lowland’ Dupe


A few months ago I saw a girl I know wearing the Stuart Weitzman ‘lowland’ boots and since then I have been unable to get them off my brain. She wore them to a bar, with black jeans and a simple black top but I found that the over the knee suede boots made her outfit look so much more put together and glamorous. I knew that they were Stuart Weitzman immediately when I saw them and so I also knew that they were expensive. 

These beautiful boots retail for $998 (CAD – £650.) I’m by no means adverse to spending large amounts of money on beautiful things but when it came to these boots I just didn’t think I could justify spending so much money for a couple of reasons:1) I live in Montreal – any shoes particularly suede, get ruined by rain, snow, salt stains, etc.
2) I felt like my thighs might be a little too fat for this style of boot.


Even after this thought process I still couldn’t get these boots off my mind. The more I told myself I wasn’t allowed them, the more I wanted them. So I came to a good compromise with myself, I would find a much less expensive dupe for these boots and if I still loved them, they didn’t make my legs look too fat and I managed not to ruin them then I would consider buying myself the real things.

This actually wasn’t as easy as it sounds – I searched high and low for the perfect ‘lowland’ dupe. I checked all the usual suspects – The Bay shoe department, Aldo, Steve Madden and Browns. All stores had some variation of this style of boot but none were quite right. Many of them included zips on the inner leg, which bunched the material around the ankle and just didn’t look good. All of the boots I saw were obviously different to the ‘lowlands’. I finally accepted defeat and decided to head home but on my way decided to check just one last place – Little Burgundy – and that’s where I found the perfect dupe. 

The boots I picked up from Little Burgundy were by Steve Madden although I couldn’t find this style in the Steve Madden store a couple of doors down (I’m not sure why this is). I honestly believe that only a highly trained eye, or someone who looks at the label in these boots would be able to tell that they are not the real Stuart Weitzman ‘lowlands’. Everything is identical – the colour, the heel height, the feel of the fabric, the shape of the boot itself, the height it comes over the knee, the lack of zips, the stitching just under the knee, even the little knots at the end of the suede ties. And the best part about these boots? They cost only $140! I honestly could not believe my luck when I found them.

I love these Steve Madden boots so much. Not only do they add the glamour to my outfit that I wanted and saved me $858, they also give me a lot of insight into how I would probably feel about the ‘lowlands’ and whether or not I should spend that extra $858 to get them. I can now conclude that I will not be buying the ‘lowland’ boots. I was right in thinking that I didn’t have the right legs for these boots. They fit my thighs perfectly, thats not the problem, its just that they don’t look quite as good on someone with larger thighs as they do on someone with thinner legs. Additionally, these boots fall down all the time. They start out over the knee high and end up barely knee high when you’ve walked anywhere (I’ve also read many reviews that say this happens with the lowlands too). I feel like these are boots that look much better in your head than actually on, at least in my case and that’s not to mention the damage that the Montreal winter and fall can do to a pair of boots. None the less I still do love these boots and will continue to wear them a lot over the next few months, but only because they cost me $140. I think if I had spent $998 and got the ‘lowlands’ I would be experiencing severe shoppers remorse right now.

If you have been obsessing over the ‘lowlands’ for a while now like I had, get yourself a pair of these – by far the best dupe out there!

Outfit Pictured Above:
Bodysuit *
Skirt (similar)*

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