The Best Inexpensive Perfume – Zara


This is quite a recent discovery of mine and one that was far too good not to write a blog post about. You can thank me later!
I have a chronic fear of smelling bad, I’m always conscious of my own scent which means I never leave the house without perfume on. My all time favourite perfume is Viktor and Rolf, ‘Flowerbomb’. I’ve been wearing it for as long as I can remember and I think it smells amazing. However, at £96 for 100ml I can’t say it doesn’t hurt a little every time I spray it before heading somewhere mundane, like to university or work.
My best friend Emma, (she seems to get mentioned a lot in my blog), told me about some perfume she had bought from Zara which she said was very inexpensive yet amazing. I forgot all about it until I ended up in Boston on a hot night in August, after a 7 hour flight, with no perfume in my bag and on my way to see my boyfriend’s parents. Remembering what Emma had told me, I ran into the Zara on Newbury Street and grabbed a bottle of £7.99 (for 100ml) perfume. After spending far too long making my decision, I chose the scent “Femme” and I am now hooked.
I will be honest, they are not the best perfumes in the world, but in terms of value for money they are INCREDIBLE. I can now spray myself with perfume no matter where I’m going and not have to feel guilty/worry about it breaking the bank. I now keep my ‘Flowerbomb’ for more special occasions.  I have just checked the Zara website and they have 35+ different women’s scents to choose from, and prices range between £5.99 (30ml) and £15.99 (up to 200ml) – so you just cannot go wrong. The scent I chose – femme – is a quite strong floral, girly scent but they have pretty much every type of scent you could want.
My boyfriend complimented me on my new perfume a couple of days later and I told him what it was and how little it cost. He told me that he hated wasting his nice cologne on his classmates/work colleagues too (he wears Gucci Guilty in case anyone was wondering), and asked me if Zara did Men’s cologne. We went to the store and found that they did, and he picked up a pack of two great smelling colognes for only £12.99. Since then we have both had many more compliments on our scents.

Now both my boyfriend and I smell great and don’t have to pay the huge price to do so. This won’t stop either of us buying luxury scents, it just means we don’t have to waste them on things we don’t care too much about. If you are in the market for an inexpensive yet great smelling scent, I would 100% recommend you check out Zara.

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