Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip Review

I have such mixed feelings about these liquid lipsticks and I’m disappointed because I had such high hopes for them. I picked up 5 shades (mainly nudes) online about 6 weeks ago and have been trying them out since. Do you want the bad news first or the good news? Okay I’ll start with the good, and there are many good things.

Reasons I love them
First of all, the shade range is INSANE. There are 47 shades available (online). They have literally any shade you could dream of, even blue and green and so many beautiful nudes and pinks (my favourites). I picked up Beeper, Lumiere 2 (Kathleen Lights’ shade), Trap, Donut and Midi and I really love every single one of them. If I had to pick favourites I would say Beeper and Lumiere 2 are my favourites.

Secondly, price-wise, you cannot go wrong. $6 each is so inexpensive, especially compared to other liquid lipsticks on the market. Also when you sign up to their mailing list you get $5 off your first order, which means you almost get one lipstick free, plus they often have free shipping.  I think I ended up paying $26 for 5 lipsticks and shipping, which is great.

The pigmentation of these products is also fantastic. They go on very even and I find that one coat is enough. Also, once applied they literally do not move all day. Although I would say that the darker shades are definitely better than the lighter shades in these respects.

From left to right – Beeper, Lumiere 2, Midi, Trap and Donut

The Downside
To be honest there is only one downside – these lipsticks are so incredibly drying. I mean that to the extent that if my lips are not in PERFECT condition, I wouldn’t dare wear one of these lipsticks. When I first got them my lips were a little dry but I was desperate to try them out so I wore Midi. After wearing it for just half an hour, my lips felt intolerably dry and were actually hurting and so I had to remove the lipstick. The product only worsened the dryness of my lips and settled into every single crack. They even got so dry that the lipstick began to flake off, it looked horrible. I also let the little girls I was babysitting last weekend use one of these lipsticks and even they commented on how dry it made their lips and said they didn’t like them. Now I’m almost scared of using these, which is a shame because of how amazing they are otherwise. (I don’t have the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits so unfortunately I can’t compare.)

Overall Verdict
All things considered I actually would recommend these lipsticks. I think that because of the price, pigmentation and lasting power you can excuse the dryness a little bit. For $6 I don’t mind it being a lipstick that I can’t wear everyday. However, I would say that if you do get one of these lipsticks make sure you moisturise your lips before using them.

I hope you enjoyed my first real post!

Disclaimer: This blogpost was not sponsored.

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